Things Learned from “from big idea to thriving business in 8 short years”

Just read a great story from a programmer on building his own business little by little: My Startup Story: from Big idea to Thriving Business in 8 Short Years. Its greatness lies on not how big his business is, but on how his business gets bigger and bigger and on how he deal with various problems encountered in the long journey. Here are some of the lessons I learned from reading this story:

1. dream big but execute step by step;

2. make plan but adopt adjustment agilely;

3. solve real problems from users;

4. care about user feedback;

5. passion for technology;

6. continuously improving;

7. have business sense;

8. listen from others;

9. think beyond today and be aware of future crisis;

10. forget about yesterday’s success and dare to restart again;

11. retrospect on existing products and dig deeper;

12. build ecosystem