Parallel Database for OLTP and OLAP

Just a survey article on materials on parallel database products and technologies for OLTP/OLAP applications. It mainly covers major commercial/academic efforts on developing parallel dbms to solve the ever growing large amount of relational data processing problem.
Part I - Parallel DBMSs

1.1 Parallel Database for OLAP (Shared-Nothing/MPP)

- TeraData Home
- Teradata DBC/1012 Paper
- NCR Teradata VS Oracle Exadata

- Vertica Home
- The original research project: C-Strore

- Paraccel Home
- MPP Based Architecture
- Columnar Based Storage
- Flash Based Storage

DataLlegro(now MS Madison)
- Design Choices in MPP Data Warehousing Lessons from DATAllegro V3
- Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehousing

- Netezza Home
- Acquired by IBM
- Hadoop & Netezza: Synergy in Data Analytics (Part 1, Part 2
- Netezza Twinfin VS Oracle Exadata (eBook, Blog)

- GreenPlum Home
- Combined: PostGreSQL/ZFS/MapReduce
- Acquired by EMC

Oracle ExaData:
- ExaData Home
- OLTP & OLAP Hybrid Orientation
- 1 * RAC + N * Exadata Cells (Storage Node) + Infiniband Network
- Exadata Cell: Flash Cache + Disk Array + Data Filtering Logic (partial SQL execution)
- Exadata – the Sequel is a great Exadata study article

IBM DB2 Data Partitioning Feature (can work with both OLAP/OLTP)
- formerly known as DB2 Parallel Edition (An Shorter Overview)
- DB2 At a Glance - Data Partitioning Feature
- Simulating Massively Parallel Database Processing on Linux

- Supercharging Analytics with SQL-MapReduce
- Aster Data brings Applications inside an MPP Database 

Misc Articles:
- What's MPP?
- Comparison of Oracle to IBM DB2 UDB and NCR Teradata for Data Warehousing
- SMP or MPP for Data Warehouse
- Dividing the data Warehousing work among MPP Nodes
- SANs vs. DAS in MPP data Warehousing
- Three ways Oracle or Microsoft could go MPP

1.2 Parallel Database for OLTP (Shared-Disk/SMP)

Oracle Real Application Cluster
- Oracle RAC Concepts
- Oracle Parallel Database Server Concepts
- Oracle RAC Case Study on 16-Node Linux Cluster

IBM DB2 for z/OS (with Sysplex Technology)
- Share Disk and Share Nothing for IBM DB2
- What's DB2 Data Sharing?

IBM DB2 for LUW (with pureScale Technology)
- IBM DB2 pureScale: The Next Big Thing or a Solution Looking for a Problem?
- What is DB2 pureScale?
- DB2 pureScale Scalability (section 1, section 2)

Part II - Academic Readings

2.1 Overview
1). Parallel Database System: The Future of High Performance Database Processing
2). Survey of Architecture of Parallel Database System
3). The Case for Shared Nothing
4). Much Ado About Shared-Nothing 

2.2 Research System
1). XPS: A High Performance Parallel Database Server
2). The Design of XPRS
3). Prototyping Buuba, H High Parallel Database System
4). The Gamma Database Machine Project
5). NonStop SQL, A Distributed, High-Performance, High-Availability Implementation of SQL
6). Parallel Query Processing in Shared Disk Database System
7). Architecture of SDC, the Super Database Computer

2.3 Commercial System
1). A Study of A Parallel Database Machine and Its Performance - The NCR/TERADATA DBC/1012
2). A Practical Implementation of the Database Machine - Teradata DBC/1012
3). DB2 Parallel Edition
4). Parallel SQL Execution in Oracle 10g
6). Shared Cache - The Future of Parallel Database
7). Cache Fusion: Extending Shared-Disk Clusters with Shared Caches

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