Source Insight Tips

1. Specify file types to add in a project
Option -> Document Options -> Document Type -> Include when adding to projects

2. Add new language support
Option -> Preferences -> Languages -> Import/Add

3. Associate new file type to some language
Options -> Document Options -> Document Type -> Add Type

4. Add new files to project automatically
Project -> Synchronize Files -> Add new files automatically

5. Show full path of source code file
Preference -> Display -> Trim Long Path Names With ellipses

6. Project dependency
Option -> Preference -> Symbol Lookups -> Add Project to Path

7. Create common projects
Option -> Preference -> Symbol Lookups -> Create Common Projects

8. Colors
Background Color: Option -> Preference -> Windows background -> Color
Foreground Color: Option -> Preference -> Default Text -> Color

9. Fonts
Options -> Document Options -> Document Type -> Screen/Print Font

NOTE: Options -> Style Properties has more control on each element's font and color. You can save all your settings as disk file and share it with others in this dialog box.

10. Fixed width view
View -> Draft View, actually, ignore all style settings

11. Shortcut Keys
Use can set using: Options -> Key Assignment

The common default settings are:
Ctr l+ = : Jump to definition
Alt + / : Look up reference
F3 : search backward
F4 : search forward
F5: go to Line
F7 : Look up symbols
F8 : Look up local symbols
F9 : Ident left
F10 : Ident right
F12 : incremental search
Alt+, : Jump backword
Alt+. : Jump forward
Shift+F3 : search the word under cusor backward
Shift+F4 : search the word under cusor forward
Shift+F8 : hilight word
Shift+Ctrl+F: search in project

12. Custom Command
Options -> Custom command

There are many substitution chars you can use when invoking the command, for example:
%f - full path of current file
%l - line number of current file
%d - full dir path of current file

Full list can be found in SI's help doc: Command Reference -> Custom Commands -> Command Line Substitutions

13. Macros

Source Insight provides a C-like macro language, which is useful for scripting commands, inserting specially formatted text, and automating editing operations. Macros are saved in a text file with a .EM extension. Once a macro file is part of the project, the macro functions in the file become available as user-level commands in the Key Assignments or Menu Assignments dialog boxes.

For language reference, see "Macro Language Guide" section in SI help doc.

SI's web site also contains some sample macro files: http://www.sourceinsight.com/public/macros

14. Special Features

Conditional Parsing:
- This is similar to conditional compiling for C/C++, chose what statements to parse
- You can change the settings using: Project -> Project Settings -> Conditions

Token Macro:
- Similar to C/C++ macro feature, but can be used in other languages
- Defined in *.tom file
- Put it in our project data directory


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