Brop2 - Time Management Made Practical

the Zen of Results is a great article about time management in work and life, but its too long to catch the core ideas. Here I summarized the core principles/practices to make it easier to remember and easier to apply them in daily work and life.

Monday Vision (Make Plan Before Action)
- Plan what to do in the upcoming week
- Identify work items from long term planning, work calendar, information inbox
- Identify valuble outcomes

Daily Outcome
- Make detail Todo list every day
- Prioritize work items
- Focus on Outcome/Value/Result

Friday Reflection
- Identify what's good, what's bad
- Think why good, why bad
- Apply learns into furture
- Balance your work and life

To make it simpler, I composed a word - BROP2
- Balance your work & life
- Reflect what's good/bad periodically
- Outcome drive your action and priority
- Plan before action, keep big picture in mind
- Prioritize work items: MUST, SHOULD, COULD

Brop2 your work and life!

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