Compiler Books - the Dragon, Whale and Tiger one

The Dragon book focus more on the front end (especially theory for language parsing), it's suitable for college textbook.

The Wale book focus more on back end optimization, it's strongly recommended for industrial compiler developers.

The Tiger book is balanced on theory and implementation. It uses one simple but concrete language compiler as example through the whole book. It nearly covers all topics about compiler and language with proper depth. If you just want to read one compiler book, this one is for you!

If you are doing language implementation, you may need another piratical book about compiler, which is titles as "Yacc & Lex".

With these books in hand, you definitely don't have any technical(domain expertise related) bars to design/implement a programming language!

But in fact, reading/understanding these books are the most difficult part of compiler implementation. Understanding the detailed semantic of the language that you gonna to implement is the real challenging according to my compiler front end implementation experience.

Another challenge lies in engineering excellence. Compilers are large and complicated software, engineering skills such as design pattern, good coding style and efficient memory management are all critical factors to the success of the compiler implementation.

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