An Introduction to Windows HPC Server 2008

1. Components of Windows HPC Server

1.1 X64 Windows OS (Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise or Hpc Edition)

1.2 Hpc Subsystem (Hpc Pack 2008)
- scalable Job Scheduler for creation, execution and monitoring Hpc jobs
- MS-MPI programming infrastructure, which is based on MPICH2
- HPC-WCF(HPC-SOA) programming infrastructure
- utilities for Cluster Managing (Configuring, Provisioning, Monitoring, Reporting and Diagnosing)

Note: Hpc Pack 2008 has three major installation types
- Head Node (Hpc Head Core + Management/Job Consoles)
- Compute Node (Hpc Compute Core)
- Client Node (optional, Management/Job Consoles)

2. Architecture of Windows HPC Server

Windows Hpc Server Typical Topology (from Microsoft)
2.1 Nodes
- Head Node (needs Hpc Pack)
- Compute Node (needs Hpc Pack)
- WCF Broker Node (optional, needs Hpc Pack)
- Client Node (optional, needs Hpc Pack Client Utilities)
- Dev Node (optional, needs Hpc Pack SDK + Hpc Pack Client Utilities)

2.2 Networks
- Interface
a. Winsock Direct
b. NetworkDirect
c. TCP/IP interface
- Physical
a. Ethernet
b. InfiniBand
c. Myrinet

Windows Hpc Server Network Stack (form Microsoft)

3. What can we do with it?

3.1 Application Developing

- Batch/Parallel: MPI
- Interactive/SOA: HPC-WCF

3.2 Job Management

A. Job Types

- Parallel Job: same bin, communicating among tasks
- Parametric Sweep Job: same bin, no communication among tasks
- Task Flow Job: different bin, dependencies(DAG) among tasks

B. Job Operations
- Job Scheduler Configuration
- Job Creation and Definition
- Job Execution and Monitoring

C. Interfaces
- Command line (CmdShell & PowerShell)
- COM and .NET Interface
- HPC Basic Profile Interface by Open Grid Forum

3.3 System Management

- Configuration
- Provisioning
- Monitoring, Reporting & Auditing
- Diagnostics

Windows Hpc Server Ecosystem (form Microsoft)


Introduction on Windows Hpc Server 2008

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