Books on Scalable Web Application Architecture

"Building Scalable Web Sites"
- by Cal Henderson, 2006.
[It focuses on back-end architecture, design considerations, technologies tips and practices, but not only system scaling technologies, also some application level techniques ]

"High Performance Web Sites"
- by Steve Souders, 2007.
[It focuses on front-end technologies and some web server tuning tips that can improve web application performance]

"Information Architecture for the World Wide Web"
- by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville, 2006.
[It focus on overall design of web based information system and involves both technical and non-technical aspects]

"Scalable Internet Architectures"
- by Theo Schlossnagle, 2006.
[This book is all about core scaling problems and technologies that a large scale web site have to face]

"Squid: The Definitive Guide"
- by Duane Wessels, 2004.
[Squid is a caching software for web server, this book focuses on various aspects on this great software]

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