Moving from Win XP to Ubuntu - 2

8. Shortcuts on Ubuntu

Desktop Environment
Ctrl + Alt + F1(F2)(F3)(F4)(F5)(F6) = Select the different virtual terminals, if you are in one of these term, no Ctrl is needed to do the switch.
Ctrl + Alt + F7 = Switch to current terminal session with X.
Ctrl + Alt + F8(f9)(...) = If there are more than one X terninal session, these key combines can switch to them.

Ctrl + Alt + +/- = Switch to next/previous X resolution (Depends of your X configuration)
Ctrl + Alt + <-/-> = Switch to next/previous workspace(virtual desktop)
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + <-/-> = Bring current applicatioin to next/previous workspace(virtual desktop)

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace = Kill & Restart X server
Alt+Tab = Switch between open programs
Alt + F1 = Bring up the start menu
Alt + F2 = Bring up the "run command" dialogue
Ctrl + Alt + D = Display desktop/Resotre application
Ctrl + Alt + L = Lock the computer
Ctrl + Alt + Del = Log out
Ctrl + L = Open location
Ctrl + F = File browser/Search

Window Management
Alt + F4 = Close current window
Alt + F5 = Restore current window
Alt + F7 = Move current window
Alt + F8 = Resize current window
Alt + F9 = Maxmize current window
Alt + F10 = Minmize current window
Alt + Space = Open control menu of current window

Screen Shot
Prtsrn = Print screen
Alt_+ PtrSrn = Print current window
Shell command : "gnome-screenshot --delay 3" = Print screen after 3 seconds

Command line/Terminal shortcuts
Ctrl+C = Kill process (Kill the current process in terminal, also used to copy elsewhere)
Ctrl+Z = Send process to background
Ctrl+D = Log out from the current terminal. In X, this may log you out after a shuting down the emulator.

Ctrl+A/Home = Move cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl+E/End = Move cursor to end of line
Tab = List available commands from typed letters (Ex: type iw and click tab, output = iwconfig iwevent iwgetid iwlist iwpriv iwspy)

Ctrl+U = Delete current line
Ctrl+K = Delete current line from cursor
Ctrl+W = Delete word before cursor in terminal (Terminal only, also used to close the current document elsewhere)

Arrows up and down = Browse command history
Ctrl+R = History search (Finds the last command matching the letters you type)

Shift+PageUp / PageDown = Scroll terminal output
Ctrl+L = Clears terminal output
Shift+insert = Paste

Middle Click Window Title = The window will lose focus
Shift + Drag Window = Window border will be sticky to desktop border
Drag file into ternimal = Show full path of that file/dir
Middle Click Scroll Bar = Move scroll bar to that place
Middle Drag a Picture to Desktop = Make that picture to be the wallpaper
Middle Click in Web Browser = Cop selected text

Customize keyboard shortcut
1. install xbindkeys/xbindkeys-config. It works for each desktop (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, ...)

2. using metacity (the default GNOME window manager). Run gconf-editor, go to: Apps -> MetaCity -> KeyBinding_commands ...

3. using System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts ...

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