Moving from Win XP to Ubuntu - 1

  Due to recent policies from Win XP provider, I decided to move my home computer's OS from Win XP to Ubuntu.

  When you decided to replace the OS, you must replaces those daily used applications. Here I collected some of those substitutes:

  1. Web Browser
  FireFox is build into Ubuntu natively, but the firefox version and Ubuntu version mapping is fixed. So fx's version maybe not be as latest as the one from Mazillia's website. If you want to use your own version of FireFox, you can Automatic Install, or you can Manual Install 1 and Manual Install 2 it into Ubuntu.
  Opera is also available on Ubuntu.

  2. Office suite
  OOo(OpenOffice org) is definitely the good candidate. Here is a simple components mapping:
  Microsoft Office V.S. OpenOffice.org
  Word V.S. Write
  Excel V.S. Calc
  Access V.S. Base
  Powerpoint V.S. Impress

  3. Multimedia
  DVD player - MPlayer, the coolest thing is that all control can be accomplished by key strokes. In order to get chinese subtitles show up, you should do some manual settings to /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf, especially to the sub-fuzziness variable. use "man mplayer" to get explaination on it.

  Music player - RhythmBox
  4. BBS tool
  Fterm -> Qterm

  5. P2P tool
  eMule -> aMule.

  For chinese internet user, recommended server list: for ed2k network, use http://www.emule.org.cn/server.met, for kad network, use ttp://www.emule-inside.net/nodes.dat.

  In order to log into popular servers, you'd better change your client name to [CHN][VeryCD]** style. For those wireless router users, in order to get HighID when you log into a server, you should configurate the TCP/UDP port mapping on your wireless router. If outter client can connect to your client directly, you will get HighID in eMule system.

  To better integrate amule with Firefox, you should add some web protocol handler to Firefox and some other aMule plugins. First, use "sudo apt-get install amule-utils" to install amule-utils package. In about:config page of Firefox, create a new boolean var, named "network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k", and set it to be true; create another string var, named "network.protocol-handler.app.ed2k", set its value to "/usr/bin/ed2k". From now on, when you searched out some useful resources on VeryCD's website, you can just click the ed2k://*** link, and that resouce will then automatically added to your amule client if it is already running.

  6. IM tool
  Google Talk ,Windows Live Messenger and Tecent QQ -> Pidgin. It will organize all your buddies from these 3 protocols into one uniformed UI.

  7. Fonts from Microsoft
  To beautify your system fonts, run "$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts ". It will download some popular fonts from Microsoft, extract and install the font files. You now have more options in font choosing dialogues.

  So life seems much the same as on Win XP paltform, the only exception is that I still haven't get my TV card run on Ubuntu yet ...

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