Command @ Windows - Part II

  As the born of Windows 2008, the command reference is updated at here. And we continue the adventure of windows commands ...

5. Network related commands
 ipconfig - network device configuration
 arp - Displays and modifies entries in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache
 ping - the "ping" tool in TCP/IP protocol
 pathping - show the path to destination host and some statistic information
 route - Manipulates network routing tables
 tracert - Tracert is generally used to determine the route or path taken to a destination by sending ICMP packets with varying TTL values
 nslookup - Displays information that you can use to diagnose Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure
 nbtstat - Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT (NetBIOS over Tcp/Ip)
 netstat - Netstat (or Network Statistics) is used to display protocol statistics for any active connections, monitor connections to a remote host, and monitor IP addresses or domain names of hosts with established connections
 netsh - Netsh is a command-line scripting utility that allows you to, either locally or remotely, display or modify the network configuration of a computer that is currently running.

6. Routine task automation
 at - The AT command schedules commands and programs to run on a computer at
a specified time and date.
 schtasks - Schedules commands and programs to run periodically or at a specific time. Adds and removes tasks from the schedule, starts and stops tasks on demand, and displays and changes scheduled tasks.
 runas - Allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user's current logon provides.
 tasklist - Displays a list of currently running processes on the local computer or on a remote computer. Tasklist replaces the tlist tool.
 taskkill - Ends one or more tasks or processes. Processes can be ended by process ID or image name. Taskkill replaces the kill tool.
 rsh - Runs commands on remote computers running the RSH service or daemon.
 sleep/pause/timeout etc.

7. Disk and file manipulation
 robocopy - robost copying files. It has rich features and configuration parameters.
 attrib - display the attribute of a file.
 cacls - displays or modifies discretionary access control lists (DACLs) on specified files, and applies stored DACLs to files in specified directories.
 vol - show information about a hard drive.

8. Misc
 color - Changes the foreground and background colors in the Command Prompt window for the current session. If used without parameters, color restores the default Command Prompt window foreground and background colors.
 systeminfo - Displays detailed configuration information about a computer and its operating system, including operating system configuration, security information, product ID, and hardware properties (such as RAM, disk space, and network cards).