Battle Elsewhere

The war of OS is over, not because of the appearance of a winner, but of another campaign that really affects the future .

The saddest thing for a warrior is that another war that really matters is going elsewhere.

Today, OSS is not a religious ideology but only a business model. Java's going GPL won't change the world too much. Sun has push itself to a situation that it can't make any mistake anymore. IBM & Oracle are all strong sponsers to OSS, but it's only a strategy to attracte developers and gain the focus of massive media. Behinde this type of hype, there are so many business going non-OSS. Sun is great for its idea ,technology and innovation ability, but sucks for its business capability. Technology is useless unless it goes into business world, goes into everybody's real life.

Who will win the war of platform?

Microsoft cooperating with Novell encouraged the Mono project. Think about a world independent of language, independent of operating system, independent of location, independent of GUI library. Isn't it great, isn't it exciting? Isn't the day we can stop fighting about what's good and what's bad, and calm down to do something that really solve our real world problems?

Yes, Java is open now. But is there any big different to you as a normal developer? Does source code really matter so much to you as a normal developer? Think about the linux desktop world. Freedom has its own drawback: lacking of center results in uncontrollable collision and wasting. Uncontrolled standard and support will cause lacking of available softwares. From this point, I think IBM's suggestion that Sun should give to source code to apache is not so bad as it may appear.

It's hard to say who will win the last battle, but it's easy to say who won't.