OS Reading List @ Stanford V200607

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OS Qualifying Exam Reading List: 2006-07

Experience with Processes and Monitors in Mesa Lampson, Redell
Scheduler Activations: Effective Kernel Support for the User-Level Management of Parallelism Thomas E. Anderson, Brian N. Bershad, Edward D. Lazowska, and Henry M. Levy
Borrowed-Virtual-Time (BVT) scheduling: supporting latency-sensitive threads in a general-purpose scheduler Duda and Cheriton
An Investigation of the Therac-25 Accidents Leveson and Turner
Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multithreaded Programs Stefan Savage
Capriccio: Scalable Threads for Internet Services Rob von Behren, Jeremy Condit, Feng Zhou, George C. Necula, and Eric Brewer
Why Threads Are a Bad Idea (for most purposes) John Ousterhout
Cooperative Task Management without Manual Stack Management (up to and including Section 3) Atul Adya, Jon Howell, Marvin Theimer, William J. Bolosky, John R. Douceur
Threads cannot be implemented as a library Hans-J. Boehm
Virtual Memory
Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs Appel and Li
Virtual Memory Management in the VAX/VMS Operating System Levy and Lipman
Practical, Transparent, Operating System Support for Superpages Navarro, Iyer, Druschel, and Cox
Memory Resource Management in VMware ESX Server Waldspurger
Improving the Reliability of Commodity Operating Systems [Nooks] Swift, Bershad, Levy
A Dynamic Technique for Eliminating Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities (and Other Memory Errors) Rinard, Cadar, Dumitran, Roy, Leu
Enhancing Server Availability and Security Through Failure-Oblivious Computing Rinard, Cadar, Dumitran, Roy, Leu, Beebee
Eliminating Receive Livelock in an Interrupt-Driven Kernel Mogul and Ramakrishnan
The End to End Argument in System Design Saltzer, Reed, Clark
File Systems
The HP AutoRAID hierarchical storage system John Wilkes, Richard Golding, Carl Staelin, and Tim Sullivan
Design and Implementation of the SUN Network Filesystem Sandberg et al.
The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System Rosenblum and Ousterhout
Leases: An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Mechanism for Distributed File Cache Consistency Gray and Cheriton
A Low-Bandwidth Network File System Muthitacharoen, Chen, and Mazieres
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters Dean and Ghemawat
Soft Updates: A Solution to the Metadata Update Problem in File Systems McKusick, Ganger
A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) Patterson, Gibson, and Katz
Xen and the Art of Virtualization Barham et. al
A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization Adams and Ageson
Distributed Systems
The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems Burrows
OS Security
Making Information Flow Explicit in HiStar Nickolai Zeldovich, Silas Boyd-Wickizer, Eddie Kohler, and David Mazi`eres
Application Performance and Flexibility on Exokernel Systems Kaashoek et. al
The Rise of "Worse is Better" Richard Gabriel
Hints for Computer System Design Butler Lampson

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