The "DEC" should be honored!

DEC(Digital Equipment Corparation) , a great Company in the computer history, was founded in 1957 and acquired by Compaq in 1998, the latter one was acquired by HP in 2002.

DEC should be honored by every computer professional. Its main product changed the computer industry directly or indirectly:

PDP(Programmable Data Processor)
-contributed to the invention of UNIX at Bell Lab.

VAX(Virtual Address eXtension)
-powerful CISC 32-bit super minicomputer and workstation.

OpenVMS (Open Virtual Memory System)
-Operating system on VAX and many other architecture. One of the VMS' contribution to this world is david cutler, the leading OS engineer, who lead the development of Windows NT&2k in Microsoft.

-The leading 64-bit RISC CPU architecture, many developers from this project joined Intel and AMD, contributing to the innovation&adavace in CPU technologies.

Alta Vista
-One of the most great Internet search engines, created at 1995.

Even in this competitive world, many engineers from DEC are advancing the R&D in today's most popular IT company like AMD, Intel, Microsoft and Goolge.

DEC should be honored by everyone of us as a computer professional!

---- something about the operating system guru Dave Cutler----

Dave Cutler, the operating system guru who led the development of "RSX-11","Virtual Memory System" and then "VAXELN" , left Digital in 1988 to lead the development of "Windows NT" . A rumor (that more likely started as a joke) has circulated for a long time that WNT=VMS+1 (increment each letter by one).

"If any of you break this build, your ass is grass, and I'm the lawnmower." -- David Cutler to his programmers during the development of NT

"I won't pollute it [NT] with crap!" -- Cutler to Bill Gates, upon being told that NT was to have an OS/2 "personality" as an alternative front-end.

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